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Ann Marie Gawel, PhD

Ranalim and hafa adai!

I study ecological and sociological interactions in novel ecosystems of Pacific Islands. I work to promote the conservation of natural and cultural resources through research, activism, and policy.

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A Little About Me

My Story

I received my doctorate from Iowa State University, where I studied community ecology and human dimensions of conservation, focusing on Micronesia. I am currently a Smith Conservation Fellow based at State University of New York - Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF). I am a native Micronesian, of Chuukese heritage, born in Pohnpei, and I currently call the island of Guam home.

Research Interests

Ecology and conservation in the anthropocene

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Island biology

Island systems have been key to our fundamental knowledge of ecology and evolution. We still have much to learn from these systems and the species and people that inhabit them.

Non-native species

In the Anthropocene, we have to consider the mixed roles that non-native species can play in ecosystems and social systems.

Traditional ecological knowledge

Western "science" as we view it today is incomplete, at best, and oppressive, at worst, without valuing indigenous knowledge.

Species conservation

Preserving and restoring native species, especially those at risk of extinction, will take multi- and trans-disciplinary approaches.

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